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The SECRET is OUT to Public!

By Riccardo Di Vito

 HKB Wing Chun [Black Flag Wing Chun/黑旗門 詠春拳] DVD! 

 Finally, The SECRET is OUT to Public. For the first time ever, HKB Wing Chun International release the First DVD on 18 Lohan Suánn Sik [十八罗汉散式 – 18 Separate Drills], featured by Grand Master Kenneth Lin Xiang-Fuk, Grand Master Benny Meng and Master Brad Ryan. 
  Within the 3 DVDs, it consist of 1. Basic Movements [1st DVD] 2. The HKB Wing Chun Body Mechanics and Fomulas 3. Combat Tactic and Application.
  The Ving Tsun Museum, which since 1993 has been researching and documenting the history of Wing Chun, has recognized HKB Kuntao as the oldest, most original, lineage of Wing Chun. Once HKB Kuntao was brought out to the public, other Martial Arts organizations, Sifus and Instructors, both from Wing Chun and from other styles, have come to discover HKB’s uniqueness for themselves. Many have found HKB to be a Treasure so valuable, that they too, want to help preserve, promote and teach it. 
  The main headquarter is located in Tustin-California, along with other training centers/branches across United States, South America, Europe and Asia. HKB Kuntao system has attracted attention, interest and commitment from many different experts, masters, grand masters, as well as big organization leaders all over the world. Currently, HKB is growing rapidly in many countries within five continents such as North America, South America, Asia, Africa as well as Europe. 
 Currently, there has been great demand and interest in HKB Kuntao worldwide. It has sparked the interest of many sifus and instructors from wing chun and other styles to come to us and discover it themselves. Many of them who have been exposed to our system, have become excited and happy with what they have experienced and have converted to HKB Kuntao. As a result, Under Grand Master Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk’s Leadership, HKB Kuntao & HKB Eng Chun Kun [Black Flag Wing Chun] have quickly grown and expanded into 12 countries in the between 2010-2011. 

 Come and experience it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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