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Interview with Hans-Joerg Reimers

By Riccardo Di Vito

Today we meet Hans-Joerg Reimers, who founded in 2002 his own organization World Martial Arts Alliance (WMAA) with Sergio Iadarola and Steve Tappin. Now WMAA is represented in over 20 countries. He gives seminars around the world – including for police and special forces in Germany, Turkey and in the United States (FBI and the Department of Defense). In Italy WMAA is represented by EMAS (Effective Martial Arts System).
Dear Hans-Joerg, when did you start with Martial Arts?
In 1980.
With who did you know Wing Chun style?
I started with GM Leung Ting.
Can we know what are the differences between your Wing Chun and others interpretations?
The Wing Tsung of the WMAA is very traditionell on the forms (Siu Nim Tao, …) but very modern in the applications. That means we train not only Wing Tsung against Wing Tsung. Because in a real fight you have to deal with all types of attacks. (Boxer, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Streetfighters….) So we train very realistic.
You founded your own organization. What are your relations with other associations?
We have very good connections and friendships with other Masters of different styles e.x. Judo, Karate and other Wing Chun organizations.
Who is your Master, now?
My Master is still GM Leung Ting, you can not change your Master and your Sifu.
In Escrima my Grandmaster is Rene Latosa. We are in very close contact.
Who were your Masters in the past?
See above.
You have been appointed as SiFu (Master or Gran Master too?). From whom and how do someone become one?
I became my Master grade from GM Leung Ting in London 1998. In the WMAA you become Grandmaster when you practice over 25 years WT and if you have your owen Master students.
How many hours do you train?
I train for my selver at least 2 hours a day. And about 4-6 hours private lessons and teaching my Wing Tsung classes.
Are you a professional martial artist or have other jobs?
Since more than 20 years I’m a prpfessional Wing Tsung teacher.
Have you ever fight on a sport’s contest? When, where and with wich results?
I was very succesful in Taekwon-Do, before I started my WT carreer. At the moment I’m teaching the National TWD coach of the Czech Republik.
How many hours per week should train a student to grow in a serious way?
At least twice a week.
How much a your student spends to become a black belt (in terms of time and money) or a Technician?
It depends on the student – we have no limits. When a student trains very hard he can become a technician within 2 years. I will cost him about 500-700 euro.
What are the fighting concepts that are focalized on into your School?
We have special sparring classes and a grading system. Some of my students also fight on MMA contest. My instructors from Slowkia are very succesful in this tournaments. We also have regulary Escrima-Tounaments.

What are the principles behind the Luk Dim Boon Kwan?

Think to come to Italy sooner or later?
Since 12 years we have our international WMAA training camp in Riccione (Italy). This year it will be from the 30th of May until the 6 th of June. Students from Czech, Slowakia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, America are coming every year to train Wing Tsung and Escrima in a very relaxed atmosphere. This year probably Grandmaster Rene Latosa is coming.

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