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How And Where Can I Find A Master Of Wing Chun?

How And Where Can I Find A Master Of Wing Chun?

By Riccardo Di Vito

This is one of the common request online from who search for a good Master of Wing Chun. But, how and where can you find the right one? This is a great question! Surely it is very rare to find the teacher near your house, I have to tell you this. Often, you will have to travel thousands of km, with all available means, to stay close to a true Master who teaches you and does not just show you movements. This has also been my path. I went around a lot before I found a Grand Master, who helped me a lot by letting me invite him to my house, to help me contain expenses.

If you are looking for Wing Chun, intended as the system of maximum efficiency in order of time, space and energy, I believe that you must psychologically prepare yourself for some sacrifice… There are very few Masters able to explain this type of Wing Chun, which we usually call Black Flag Wing Chun Lodge, referring to one of the oldest components of this system, which has its roots in the Fukien Shaolin Temple. But if you are a consistent, honest and loyal person, I may have an idea for you.

After years of developing our organization in Italy, I decided to return to travel abroad. Where? Indifferent. I want to teach this system to as many people as possible for the next 8-9 years. I want to reach the age of 50 with the satisfaction of having educated at least 10 other teachers in Europe and in the rest of the world, so that this wonderful tradition does not fail. Above all, I want to protect traditional knowledge from imitations that I see more and more often appearing also in Europe.

Where can you practice?

You can practice at your home, in your gym, if you already have one, or in the nearest park. For me it is indifferent. I can come to you and stay together for several days, as my Master did with me, so that you have the necessary material to develop your skills, first of all, and then to learn how to spread it. We have very high quality standards. That’s why you find very few Masters of this discipline as complete as Black Flag Wing Chun around the planet … Yet I am convinced that there are many smart people, like maybe you could be, ready to develop their potential.

Our Instructor Certified Program (ICP) course consists of several parts. First, you need to acquire technical and martial skills, which are the basis of any chance of success. Secondly we teach you to disseminate this information in learning classes divided by levels. You must learn to recognize the right commitment of each practitioner. Not least, we teach you to correct, the most difficult art to learn, but also the most useful skill to allow an explosive growth of those who follow you. And we are fortunate to receive teachings directly from Grand Master of Wing Chun, Suhu Lin Xiang Fu, who systematized HKB as a teaching method.

So, let me recap: if you are a martial arts enthusiast, you want to develop your skills and you have decided that you want to know Wing Chun with a trained Master to teach you, your time may have come. You can write me a private message here (in English or Italian, please), so that we can get to know each other and evaluate how to realize this great common dream. Last great news for you! Today we are present in North and South America, in Indonesia and in China. In Europe we are in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and, very soon, in Dublin (Ireland)! You can become Master of Wing Chun too!

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