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Hek Ki Boen – Message of GM The Kang Hay

By Riccardo Di Vito

We finally have the transcription of the message made by GM Lin Xiang Fuk and GM The Kang Hay, in 2011.
GM Lin Xiang Fuk: “First, on the behalf of international HKB association, I would like to wish everyone a good fortune and 2011. 2010 was a very busy year for all of us, especially for Hek Ki Boen it wasn’t just a busy year, but a very successful year. I can’t be excited enough to tell you all how much accomplishment we’ve done that year. Currently Hek Ki Boen has spread in four continents. During this video I also want to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and personal thanks to all the people who contributed so much to Hek Ki Boen. First and for most it’s our all the team leaders and all the people […] who spent so much effort and time to spread the system. I also want to thank who did Internet attack and campaign as well as members against us […]; luckily everything, all the efforts that they did, everything that they’ve done, all of this increase more opportunities, more interests for people to come to us and discover the truth for themselves. […] Also including in this video, which is the next part of the video, one of the official statement from one of my main Suhu GM The Kang Hay from Indonesia. They have some message to all our Hek Ki Boen members worldwide. They wish everybody a good year and they have also a message to be told. Just in case if you don’t know yet along with this video there’s also another video that has another statement from my Suhu GM The Kang Hay of the Hek Ki Boen system to be addressed to all the Hek Ki Boen members worldwide, including how all the Hek Ki Boen member should not be involved in any politics against other martial arts schools. So, once again, I want to wish everybody a very good year and 2011and thank you for watching this video”.
Hek Ki Boen

GM The Kang Hay: “On the behalf of our big family in Indonesia, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All of us, Hek Ki Boen members here feel happy about this coming year in 2011. I want to give all of you some advice on all the teaching you have learned and received. You must train with your whole heart and not as a collection of information of knowledge. Instead you should train how to become more skillful in practical use. The teaching you have received is not easy to learn because this knowledge is a true treasure passed down from our teacher Kwee King Yang. The more you train and practice, the more your hand becomes alive. In the end, every part in your body will be able to communicate in reality, point that you do martial arts not relying on how strong you become, but on how you use the skill. Moreover, I hope everyone in our family becomes a better person. Don’t ever talk bad or do bad things to others or create enemies at another school. Just like my experience in Indonesia, there are always other schools that become jealous and envious. When there’s animosity, who is going to suffer? The teacher sometimes just stands still and doesn’t take responsibility and his students become nothing more than shadow puppets controlled by their Suhu to attack other schools. Therefore I encourage you to never follow this kind of leader who always uses his students as his puppets to attack other schools. It’s better we focus on the training, not politics, so that one day we become skillful and enjoy the benefit (and not get disappointed) that when we reach over 50 years old, we can still benefit from our martial arts training including mental and character development. Hek Ki Boen had been available to the public in Indonesia and taught by my Suhu Kwee King Yang at his house in Klimbungan, who learned from his Suhu, Cia Fun Tjiao. I myself don’t really know all of the history as I was not born yet at that time. But my Suhu that I followed was 55 years older than me. I started learning when I was 12. My Suhu liked me so much when I was 16, so when I was 18, I was asked to assist my Suhu in teaching, becoming my Suhu’s assistant. I continued to teach even when I went to university. But I stopped going to university because I was asked to teach full time. I did it because I loved the system and my Suhu and how he spent his life to spread and preserve this knowledge within Hek Ki Boen. When I was 27, my Suhu chose me a bride and arranged my marriage. And I followed his wish. As the time went by, some of my students at that time start to develop their skills and become instructors replacing me teaching as well on that location. And until now, all of this time that they have been teaching, they are all still loyal to me. I also hope that one day my current grand students will also be able to replace my students’ place in teaching. If we maintain this culture, not only in 50 years, even in 100 years, this system will never extinct and become well preserved. Therefore, I also hope for our HKB members (Instructor level), especially in USA, have compassion toward Kung Fu Brothers! Don’t be jealous and envious to destroy each other. Foolish man doesn’t know that man’s strength has some weakness as well. Knowledge may be passed down the same way, but the character of the person will dictate how much one person can improve and how high the skill of a person can achieve. This will become his unique talent. That is Martial Art. I also want to say thank you for being visited by you all (HKB USA members) on March 19, 2010. I still remember your high spirit and motivation in learning that many of you demonstrated while you (HKB USA members) were here. Although it was for very short visit on time, but I was truly impressed with the skill level that you have obtained prior to come here. I’m saying this not just to praise or give compliments, but I truly do feel so proud of all of you (HKB USA members). I am looking forward to meet you all (HKB USA members) again, given the right time and place, perhaps I can come to America (USA). I hope I get your support to wish me staying in good health so that I can be there. Because my love toward Hek Ki Boen, I must nag you again and again that don’t ever do bad things toward others. Maintain the reputation of Hek Ki Boen and your personal name as Hek Ki Boen rep among Martial Arts Community. In the end, you must become a person that upholds morality culture. Thank you for your time. I look forward to meet you again in the near future. I apologize if there is any part of this video that may offend you in any way. Along with this message, Kenneth (Suhu Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk) will give you some forewords, containing some of Hek Ki Boen plan for future growth that I have already assigned to him so that he will be also more cautious and more motivated in this mission of spreading the system. In the end I really want to express my gratitude for your love toward Hek Ki Boen system, just like us in Indonesia. On behalf of our big Family of Hek Ki Boen in Indonesia, I am looking forward to meet you again one day. My name is The Kang Hay, I want to pass my regards to you and please keep up the good work for yourself and Hek Ki Boen organization. Thank you, until next time we meet”.

GM The Kang Hay: “My name is The Kang Hay, successor of my Suhu, Kwee King Yang. I, on the behalf of Hek Ki Boen in Indonesia, hope that our members especially in the USA, can maintain the reputation of the Hek Ki Boen name that you all can cultivate to be highly skillful in terms of quality so it’s not just the name of Hek Ki Boen that becomes known but also the skill of all the Hek Ki Boen members in the future especially in America. I hope that the members don’t make others disappointed and standby and maintain the Hek Ki Boen name. Therefore, I ask you to train with motivation , and positive thinking as the main purpose of studying martial arts. So, the purpose of training is not just to memorize the knowledge but how to use what knowledge you have been trained with and apply this quality of knowledge to real situations. All the knowledge that you have learned and that you have received is the system that existed from the past. Long before I became a student, this system already existed and it is absolutely not something recently made up. Everything is still original from my Suhu Kwee King Yang that was passed down by his Suhu Cia Fun Tjiao. Therefore, I hope through our motivated cultivation, the feeling of brotherhood of Hek Ki Boen will remain. Please, don’t get confused and follow those useless mouths (to slander others). What is important is that the quality of the knowledge and the benefits you receive just like myself when you grow old, will never be disappointed. You may think there is no way the system still remains unchanged just like in the past. The truth of reality is that it is still unchanged and the same. It’s still exactly the same in terms of its quality. Of course, in today’s time, our skills may not be as good as our forefathers because of the differences in our physical training in the modern times, not to mention the modern mindset nowadays is to just learn it as a hobby. In the past, the training was designed to create special warriors. Don’t just follow others, I hope everyone of you one day can be the guardian/leader of the system and to pass down this system so that in 100 years this system will still exist in this world”.

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