Chinese Boxing – Wing Chun Kyun – in Prague (Praha)

I’m very proud to announce that my ToDai (Student) and Friend Pasquale “Guido” Mazzotta began to teach in Prague (Praha). He represents me in this city and is the only one that I authorized to teach in my name until now. He can teach you what I teached him and can help you to improve your skills with the Wing Chun Kyun system. I’ll be in Prague few times a year to help him to spread the Art in the city. Guido continues to study with me, but he has all basics to be able to train seriously and improve him and you. He also studied other lineage of Wing Chun, continuing to research and train for improve his skills. If anyone would like to got further information may contact Guido on Facebook (here) or by email (here) or going on this website.

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